Shooting for the Esquire Magazin with the US soccer team. So crazy styles and the sokkers were happy to wear it. It was al lot of fun. 
I was the assistant of Dan May and it was a pleasure. Thank you Dan and thanks to the whole team. 

Doing the styling for a project at the gamescom in Cologne. It was a very hot day and a funny game campaign. 
I learned a lot about this world and the team was very nice. 
Love to style for you again. 

My Poco Client

Shooting with my most loyal client Christoph Urban for Poco. 
It is always a peasure to work with him and his team. And I love to do the styling for all the characters in this campaigns. 
Thanks guys!

Shooting for Spax

A funny and sunny day with my dear photographer Stefan Lemanski
The styling by Chica Vika was a lovely boho style. 

Advertising for Myditin

Beeing a model can be sporty! The hole day the male model had to jump and I was very busy to keep him and his outfit fresh. But at the end the styling was clean and cool. Also for me as the stylist a sporty job. Very nice team.
Thanks to photographer Jo Kirchherr.

Ohhh! Ostermann

And again styling with Tatjana Lüpsen for Ostermann as her assistant. Looking for a good styling for all the actors. Checking the costumes during the shoot and the stylist was walking miles - what a big store.
Thanks Tatjana and Rabbicorn Films.

Working with my lovely and longest colleague Tatjana Lüpsen as her assistant.
Best team ever!
As the stylists we compiled the look for Lukas Podolski and all the other actors. The costumes had to be fresh and cool, too. So sweet the youngest fan on set - 3 years old styled in his soccer jersey to get an autograph from Poldi.
Thanks to Neuesuper, Lukas and Tatjana!

CDU Campaign

Here we go again - or not. Unfortunatly Corona stoped my styling work for this campaign. Everything was prepared but I could not do my job on set. The stylist was blocked! Fortunately I had the best team to solve this problem and so all actors were dressed in stylish looks without me on set.
Thanks guys from Kameradfilm

Styles for Deutsche Bahn

Hey guys, next shooting this year. The production of a commerical for Deutsche Bahn needed costumes for all their actors. Shooting the hole day on train and then next step: Norderney.
Nice fresh styles for all actors in a lovely environment. I love my job!
Thanks to Erste Liebe Film!  

Styling for POCO

Hi there, here is my new blog 2022 from Chica Vika Styling.

In january I was booked for the new Poco campaign with Janine Kunze. Her outfit needs to be perfect, of course. It is always a pleasure for me to work with her and the whole production team to find the best costumes.
Thanks to my longest client Urbanfilm!